Corporate compliance

We advise all types of entities based on a preliminary study and knowledge of their business, situation and specific criminal risk exposure.

The reform of the Criminal Code that entered into force in July 2015 has attributed special importance to the offence prevention systems of legal persons. The implementation of these prevention systems is capable of mitigating and even completely eliminating the criminal liability of entities. It is a firm recommendation that companies with business in Spain review their protocols and supervisory and oversight bodies to adapt them to the requirements introduced by the aforementioned reform and thus prevent a potential criminal conviction against the legal person.

Being aware of this, we have developed a work methodology, based on commonly accepted international compliance standards, aimed at improving the internal legal oversight of companies and entities, reducing the probability of non-compliance by their managers and employees.

Our team of specialists in prevention of offences advises all types of entities based on a preliminary study and knowledge of their business, situation and specific criminal risk exposure by providing the following services:

Determination of the criminal risk exposure of an organization, analysing the specific risks of each organization based on its business, with the aim of integrating them into its general risk mapping or considering them in the planning of an Offence Prevention Protocol from the outset.

Advice in the process of definition or planning of an Offence Prevention Protocol, including the preparation of its descriptive documentation and of the policies and processes it affects, allowing the audit by a third party on their suitability to mitigate the risk of criminal exposure. Offence Prevention Protocol monitoring process, for which our professionals would analyse already implemented programmes and transfer the appropriate recommendations and improvements.

Advice on functions and responsibilities associated with the duties of the Compliance Officer. For this, our professionals would carry out internal training sessions for the employees and directors of legal entities, which would aim to provide said entities and their staff with a culture of compliance regarding criminal matters, which can be objectively accredited before third parties if necessary.