Industrial property and Copyright

The Industrial Property and Copyright Department is specialized in the protection and exploitation of trademark rights and other distinctive signs, as well as of copyright.

In the field of intellectual property, our experience includes the preparation and review of contracts for the assignment and licensing of copyrights, technology transfer contracts, contracts for the purchase and sale of works of art, publishing contracts, contracts for fashion models, and transfer of image rights, contracts with designers and with photographers. In this area, we advise many national and international clients in the fashion and luxury goods sector.

In industrial property, we regularly assist our clients in the preparation of trademark licensing and assignment contracts and for other distinctive signs, sponsorship contracts, confidentiality agreements with suppliers, etc. To this end, we advise our clients on matters relating to registration and defence of trademark rights, and rights on other distinctive signs, both in Spain and abroad. We have also intervened in numerous legal proceedings regarding opposition to trademark registration, violation of trademark law, and unfair competition.