Venture capital and Startups

We provide comprehensive advice to investors and start-ups in the different stages of entrepreneurship development.

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers has proven experience in providing comprehensive professional services in Venture Capital operations. Such experience, along with a significant degree of empathy, is what the Firm offers for the comprehensive advice to investors and Start-ups in the different stages of development of a venture (investment, growth/support and divestment).

The commercial, labour and tax services we provide in this increasingly relevant industry cover all phases, that is, seed and early stage, growth stage, expansion and exit, for all the stakeholders involved in these emerging companies.

The most relevant entrepreneurship sectors in which we have experience are the fintech and insurtech industry, the software industry, e-commerce, health, big data and Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Among our professional services, we highlight:

Incorporation of the ideal corporate vehicles to start entrepreneurial projects, advising on agreements with partners and investors to govern their relationships in the project;

Drafting of investment agreements and shareholder agreements;

Advice on financing processes via convertible loans, investment rounds, or on internationalization processes;

Advice on the commercial contracts of companies;

Design, establishment and monitoring of stock option plans and phantom shares for employees;

Advice on total or partial divestment operations (tax planning of divestment, sale contracts, etc.);

Advice on transfer pricing;

Comprehensive advice to founders.