Venture capital

The venture capital area advises both venture capital companies or funds, or seed funding in innovative projects.

We advise from the first stages of negotiations, including the legal audit or due diligence process, as well as in all the customary agreements and collateral documentation in this type of transactions, such as letters of intent (LOI or MOU), sale contracts, financing, where applicable, along with the customary guarantees in this type of transactions, valuation and/or price adjustments mechanisms, payment plans for employees, shareholder agreements, syndication agreements, etc.

We advise investors, management teams or financiers in leveraged acquisitions: LBOs (Leveraged Buy-Out), MBOs (Management Buy-Out) and MBIs (Management Buy-In). We advise companies and funds that invest in companies with financial difficulties (distressed debt). We deal with the regulatory and tax aspects. We act from the position of the investor or from the position of the industrial, developer or founder. We are especially active in the mid-market. Our experience and international skills make us especially attractive both to entrepreneurs and investors in this particular segment.