Charities & NPOs – NGOs

· Preliminary corporate planning and strategy for incorporation from the perspective of national and local Law and regulations.

· Tax and financial planning of founder’s contributions and social assets.

· Planificación fiscal y financiera de aportaciones y activos.

· Tax advantages for private or corporate donations and philanthropy.

· Foreign investments regulation and prevention of money laundering.

· Regulation and granting of the public benefit status for NPOs and NGOs.

· Restructuring, merger and asset acquisitions.

· Legal regulation of internet and SMS fundraising and donations through payment terminals and ATMs.

· Secretarial services and counselling to trustees and directors.

· Prevention of corporate liability of trustees and directors.

· Drafting of ordinary and extraordinary board resolutions and deeds.

· Following up and review of all proceedings before the Registry of Foundations and the Protectorate.

· Regulation and monitoring of business and commercial activities.

· Due diligence on all areas of the charitable aims and activities.

· Special regulations for sports, cultural and environmental charities.

· Winding-up of the charity and liquidation of its equities.