New technologies

The New Technologies Department is specialized in the protection of personal data, e-commerce and social networks, as well as the protection of the contents of websites.

The advice includes, therefore, our professional support in tasks such as the drawing up of privacy policies, general terms and conditions of sale for online stores, and terms of use for websites. We also give legal support to our clients in online contracting, commercial actions, advertising and raffles on the Internet and social networks, protection of the intellectual property rights of websites, and on new technologies in labour law. We have also intervened in matters related to cybercrime committed by hackers on the Internet.

Our experience also extends to personal data protection regulations. In this matter, we offer specific advice to our clients, so that they can comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. To this end, we review the companies’ internal policies and procedures regarding data protection, in order to adapt them to the new national and European regulations. We also review all types of contracts to include data protection and confidentiality clauses, as warranted.